Matilda - the Craft Caravan

Let's talk Matilda - our haven, our craft cave, our escape to place!


The more we became obsessed with fused glass and new we wanted to be able to do it as much as possible, our thinking caps were firmly on.

We could reasonably do glass craft in the house - no real spare room plus pet cat (cats and cut glass do not mix)

Whilst there was room in the garden for a shed/studio the price was exorbitant, and that was before thinking about materials, electricity etc. 

Stripped down and getting painted!
Well, maybe our dreams were going to be thwarted but then along came George Clarke and his amazing spaces tv show. Lot's of people were converting small spaces from the sublime to the ridiculous - milk floats, old ambulances....and of course caravans.

We had neighbours and friends in the caravan maintenance business who also do up VWs. As part of a recent deal, in a job lot was a 1980s Adria caravan. 2 berth, a proper old box shape and in pretty good condition.

Ripping (out) times!
Her boxy shape was perfect for us - no loss of room due to sloping and we digged that vintage look! So a deal was done and Matilda came home. 

I did the majority of the refurb myself using the time honoured skill of blissful ignorance. Her cupboards and her horseshoe seating area were perfect as our work space and provided huge amounts of storage.  Where the toilet was, was ripped out leaving space for a small kiln.

The kitchen end was ripped out and I took her right back to the aluminium frame. At this point it might be a good idea to find out how to build her back again so lots of you tube video watching and internet searching followed! I re-insulated the top end, fixed in new plywood, tiled where the kiln would sit and with the help of my grandfather put in new shelves. 

Cosy Crafting!
Matilda was painted, curtains made and new flooring laid. Some stressful days of leaky roof vents were put behind me when my caravan friend reset them and I became a dab hand of tracking down problems and beating them into submission. Ready for winter Matilda got a new 'shower cap' as we call it - a roof only cover which adds some extra protection, and will help keep her safe for years to come.

Her interior design is kitsch, bright and fun. Everyone who comes in says how relaxing it is straight away. Matilda is just a little bit magic. It is a perfect workspace and sometimes, nap space; a million miles from work, stress and real life!

In 2015 or 2016 we hope to give Matilda's outside an equally kitsch makeover so watch this space!

Before & After - Kitchen now Kiln End

Before and After - WorkSpace end

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