Friday, 3 April 2015

#Fabonfridays,Crafty Friends - Denise's Crafty Things

On our Facebook page we have a #fabonfridays hashtag where each Friday we share the details of a crafty friend, supplier or just someone who inspires us.

It seems sensible to tie that in with our blog.

Yesterday Denise from Denise's Crafty Things popped to see us and pick up some glass she had commissioned. This proved a great excuse to whip out the tea things and have a chinwag about all things crafty! Matilda really is a great space for tea and cakes (as if we need excuses!)

Lavender Heart Sachet from Denise's Crafty Things
Denise's area of expertise is all things sewn and do check out her Facebook page for examples of her funky hand sewn items,

Very kindly she brought a piece as a present for Matilda - a beautiful rose fabric, heart lavender sachet - how cute does it look?! Now Matilda smells of calming lavender and not just glue and burning fibre paper! Thanks, Denise!

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